Friday, 8 January 2010

New Years in Wales

M and I went away for the New Years along with G & Mr. T, X & S.  We all stayed in a comfortable cottage in Wisemans Bridge in Pembrokeshire.  Despite it being a little chilly, it was sunny and we were able to get out and about a bit.

We started the New Year with a barbecue

and some fireworks.

I watched a few hundred nutters people go for a New Year swim

and then for a New Year's stroll around Kilgetty.  It started of sunny and ended up snowy:

 There has been snow about ever since!  We had a little cycle to Tenby on slightly icy roads

Lit a few balloons:

Went for a really long walk:
Along the edge of Angle Bay
(more on that in another post) and ate a lovely fish supper in nearby Saundersfoot. We thought we saw a little few wisps in the sky....

Then woke up on our penultimate day to this:

We then considered our options whilst checking the weather forecast and realised that even our little corner of Hampshire (last to get snow, first to thaw) was going to blanketed. So we struck camp and made our way home.

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