Tuesday, 6 January 2009

On board chilling

Cup 06/01/09

Cup of the day today features a oil pastel scribble with a black ink wash. Today I swapped lids with another cup and poured a smoothie in there instead of making a coffee. There were grainy bits (due to the raspberries) but this time no spitting was necessary. My smoothie was kept nice and cool due to the onboard chilling feature of my transport: the bottle cage of my bicycle. Yes, on one of the coldest days of the year I hauled my carcass onto my bicycle in the pre-8 o'clock gloom and pedalled into work. The cold wasn't too bad after the putting on of: 2 snoods/scruffs, 3 long sleeved tops with various thermal, windproof, thumb loops (thx G) features, cycle shorts, fleecy cycle tights, woolly socks (thx Mum), winter gloves and liberal smearing of vaseline over my cheeks (thx G, again). Everything stayed reasonably warm except my toes which were painfully defrosted in the lovely warm work shower.

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