Friday, 30 January 2009

Post Cycling hoodie

Victory! One purchase of some woolly nylon & one and half hours later and I have a finished hoodie. It is a comfy fit, the hood could do with being a little roomier but, it is a success! M is pleased with his hoodie - he looks peeved because his pedal fell off (and I was too busy sewing the hoodie to notice he wasn't back yet and might need to go and rescue him).

I have added to the Flickr CRAFT: along 2009 group and I have been impressed with some of the other hoodies there. One lucky fella has a zippy pockets for a phone and things (don't tell M). Whilst one young chap has his pocket made from some cute WALL-E fabric. If I had been half as clever as this chap's Mum I could have done something cunning with contrast sleeves and hood.


  1. If he took a phone with him, he could have called for a rescue!
    Hoodie looks fabulous.

  2. He did (for once) but it didn't have enough credit on it. (and I am the only one clever enough to put credit on it)


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