Sunday, 6 September 2009

By the way

I think its about time I started the online exhibition!


I have an interest in proverbs and sayings since my earliest childhood. I remember my paternal grandmother quote the odd proverb and there were many times where my mother would quote her own grandmother. A proverb is also known as a nayword or byword and is a simple and popularly known saying expressing a known truth or basic rule. Aristotle considered proverbs a survival of an older wisdom. The word proverb comes from the Latin translation of the Greek word paroemia. Oimos was the ancient Greek word for road or way. So I chose to call this first piece "By the way".

This piece is the first I did using this technique. It is typical of my style of working colour and heavy hand stitching. The hand stitches used are running, seeding and woven circles. I have used a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics, some of the pieces used in the background are hand dyed or painted.

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